New Perspective for December



                Emotional conversations on the 1st will challenge you to be resilient. Continuing the dialog will bring healing on the 3rd and there will be more cooperation. The New Moon on the 6th invites us to be optimistic and look to the future with blind faith. Trust enough to speak openly on the 9th and let there be completion.

                Talk about your dreams on the 12th and you could begin to see the manifestations showing up by the 16th. Keep an open mind about a new direction on the 19th and realize it could be for the best in the long run. The Winter Solstice brings an abundance of opportunities when your heart is open to receive them. Ask for a dream to come true.

                 Old opinions are dissolved under the Full Moon on the 24th and it’s important to realize this is making space for more love. Trust the unexpected on the 28th because it is ultimately going to bring healing into your life. Cross a threshold on the 31st and truly leave the past behind. New beginnings are available as we begin a new year.