New Perspective for April


                This month brings a wide range of emotions and it begins on the 2nd with an opportunity to feel more Love than usual.  Open your heart to amazing changes in relationships and you will make big decisions about a week later. Situations are clearly defined on the 5th and cooperation is available. Relationships feel challenging on the 8th and communication could be the issue. The Full Moon on the 10th will be easier if you use moderation in all aspects of life.

                New ideas on the 13th could lead to making changes over the next few days. Enjoy the increase in activities on the 16th and appreciate the support in your life. Clearly define your goals on the 19th and be ready for more changes to start happening very soon. What seems like difficult news on the 21st will lead to really good decisions by the 24th.

                The New Moon on the 26th is surrounded by surprising conversations, decisions, and new beginnings. Be willing to take the high road on the 30th so there can be healing in your life. Let go of old ideas and discover new ways to be in relationships. Remember what your goal is and make good choices.