New Perspective for June



                Cooperative agreements are made on the 1st and this helps you find peace with the past. A change of directions over the next few days reflects the changes that are happening inside of you. Opportunities on the 3rd introduce new relationships into the picture. Conversations are easy near the 5th and you realize that healing is happening and it’s time for a new approach. The heart seeks stability after the 6th and you could find yourself asking for the necessary changes in order to find this. Be gentle and consistent with yourself as you explore new ways of doing things.

                The Full Moon on the 9th asks for you to take a leap of faith in regards to your future. Conversations near the 13th are supportive and invite you to take a chance. Take on a project of some type from the 15th to the 18th and use it to understand some other part of your life. Talk to yourself on the 20th and be your best cheerleader. A supportive inner dialogue will be helpful in order to understand what you need to do next.

                The New Moon on the 23rd is reminiscent and emotional. Let yourself be nurtured during this time and appreciate the transformation that is happening within yourself. Let your intuition guide you on the 25th and trust your heart. Your actions will speak volumes on the 28th and it will be important to spend the next few days simply listening and realizing what has occurred. Come to terms with everything that has brought you to here and be grateful for what is coming.