New Perspective for October


                Conversations are the theme this month and it begins with challenging ones on the 2nd. Have faith in your choices on the 5th and realize you need to trust yourself completely. The New Moon on the 8th is all about relationships and it invites us to appreciate them as much as possible.

                Conversations become more emotional after the 10th and changes are being talked about. Let go of your fears during this time and step up into what you believe in. Decisions made on the 12th are helpful and well create guidelines for the future. Let your heart influence your words on the 15th and realize what a difference this makes. Cooperation on the 19th is designed to assist you in turning a corner so let other people help you.

                Trust the magic during the Full Moon on the 24th and open your heart to what is coming. Remind yourself about your dreams on the 27th and do something to invite them into your life. Say “YES” to opportunities on the 29th and get ready for life to speed up in the near future. End the month with an open heart and simply let people love you. You will be very glad that you did.