New Perspective for August


A strong desire for change could influence the choices you are making as this month begins. Relationships bring new opportunities on the 4th and it will be important to be true to yourself. The Full Moon on the 7th asks for you to be open to possibilities that you have been dreaming about. Conversations are helpful on the 10th and you begin to understand what is happening. Move your life around a bit so that you can have enough space to really be you.

                Trust your intuition on the 11th as it asks you to follow your heart. Take time to listen to yourself over the next week and you will realize how much you are changing. Decisions are being made internally at this time and it could impact your relationships on the 15th. Keep an open heart from the 16th through the 18th and remind yourself of all that you are learning.

                The New Moon on the 21st is combined with a Full Solar Eclipse and it is surrounded by many cooperative planetary aspects. Cooperation is available and the following few days will show you how true this is. Unexpected changes on the 24th will lead to more decisions and it will be important to pay attention to all conversations on the 26th.  Focus on yourself over the last few days of the month and remind yourself that you are in charge of your own happiness. Make yourself important and you will show others how to do the same.