New Perspective for December


                Change happens easily this month and conversations on the 3rd are a good example of this. Trust the changes that cross your path on the 6th and realize completion is coming. Appreciate your past over the next few days and find peace with what is ahead of you on the 10th. Open your mind to the messages and consider new possibilities.

                Fresh ideas on the 13th can be helpful as you find yourself letting go of the past. The New Moon on the 15th invites decisions that require change. Stay receptive to new experiences as you move into the unknown on the 17th. Listen to your intuition and you could be surprised at how well things work out.   

                The need for completion is strong on the 21st as you open your heart to the future. Taking steps on the 25th with complete faith will help you create amazing changes. Let yourself be moved by what you see on the 27th and be grateful for your experience. Let yourself simply watch and listen on the 28th and you will be better because of it. Be happy about where you are and let it show.