New Perspective for November


This month is filled with strong decisions that are cooperative and inspire healing. The Full Moon on the 3rd challenges relationships to look to the future and make the necessary changes. The rules seem to change after the 7th as conversations suggest action and integration becomes more important. Take a short time out on the 9th and check to be sure you have what you need to move forward. A cooperative environment on the 11th supports new beginnings and decisions happen quickly.
Have faith on the 13th as opportunities present themselves and you are asked to make a choice with only a few facts. Follow your heart on the 16th and you will be glad that you did. The New Moon on the 18th suggests that letting go of the past will help you move forward. Turn a corner over the next few days and only look to the future.
Realizations on the 21st challenge you to be completely honest with yourself. This sets up a series of changes from the 24th through the 26th. Speak up on the 27th and let the world know what you have decided. Give time for your choice to ripple out over the last few days of the month and remind yourself that this is the best choice for you.