New Perspective for March


A dreamy attitude on the 1st could lead to seeing too many options over the next few days, making decisions challenging. Take action on the 5th and display confidence about your choices. Conversations on the 7th are insightful and will bring a sense of completion. Steps taken after the 9th will be systematic and will establish a new pattern

Listen with an open heart on the 10th and consider letting go of old wounds. The Full Moon on the 12th could find you turning a corner and moving forward.  Ask for a fresh start after the 13th and then get ready to celebrate something by the 18th. The Spring Equinox on the 20th brings new ideas that have a rippling effect. By the 23rd there may be a need to state your position during a challenging moment. Believe enough in yourself to hold steady.

Keep an open mind on the 25th and there can be significant realizations and rewards. The New Moon on the 27th invites you to step forward and keep your attention on your future. Decisions are cooperative on the 29th and the greatest challenge as the month comes to an end is how to balance the abundance of opportunity that is available.