New Perspective for May


                Focus on the project at hand on the 1st and be willing to put your own spin on it. Conversations could be challenging over the next few days as you establish new boundaries. A deeper understanding of the situation on the 5th makes it easier for you to let go of control. Let everyone do their own thing and you do yours.

                Good ideas on the 8th lead to manifestation by the 11th. The New Moon on the 12th asks you to be honest about how you feel. Decisions made on the 13th are well received and supported. An awkward feeling on the 16th could simply be because you are out of your element. Choose to use extra patience until the 22nd and you will benefit from your choice in many ways.

                Be open to changing your mind on the 25th as you realize a change of direction may be needed. The Full Moon on the 27th will bring a celebration that could ripple out for the remainder of the month. Trust the choices that you are making and move forward with enthusiasm.