New Perspective for September


                Action taken at the beginning of this month will effectively create new beginnings. Pay attention to what you hear on the 3rd and be honest about what you learn. The Full Moon on the 6th brings completion and invites you to find peace with your past. Realize how much you have learned on the 9th and let your wisdom guide you.

                Relationships are cooperative on the 12th and it’s important to appreciate what can happen. Be willing to consider a bigger picture on the 15th especially in regards to Love and money. Notice what is being said on the 16th and realize this is a reoccurring theme. Appreciate the changes that you see happening and celebrate them under the New Moon on the 19th.

                The Fall Equinox on the 22nd brings amazing conversations that are insightful. Let your boundaries dissolve on the 24th so that you can achieve more than ever before. A challenging decision on the 25th is necessary in order to take yourself to the next level. Keep your heart open as you talk about what needs to get resolved. Make the effort to clear out the past so that you have more room for what is coming. Consider being more receptive to unusual experiences as the month comes to a close. Let your imagination wander on the 29th and notice the magical ideas that appear. Welcome the opportunity to see your dreams become reality.