New Perspective for May


                Recent decisions could leave you wanting some quiet time over the first few days of this month. Spend more time listening and being mindful about what you want to say until after the 3rd. Realize that everyone will see you differently on the 5th and simply stay true to yourself. Conversations are surprising on the 9th and it starts a series of events that will happen over the next few weeks. Embrace what you hear and welcome what’s coming.

                The Full Moon on the 10th is intense and emotional and it will be important to have faith especially if you feel unclear about your next steps. Decisions are made near the 11th and action brings opportunity almost immediately. Make a list of the changes you want to see happen in your life on the 15th and stay as receptive as possible to new beginnings. There is plenty of support on the 18th for making the necessary changes in your life. Pace yourself on the 19th and stay receptive to the gifts that are coming your way. Remember to keep your heart open as you walk through new experiences.

                Be willing to change how you see yourself on the 20th and understand how this can impact your life. Give space for healing over the next 4 days and simply listen. A transformation of your heart is apparent on the 25th and this brings a new beginning into your life. Slow your body down over the last few days and let yourself integrate all that you have learned lately. Action taken on the 30th will create change and more new beginnings. Talk about what you need on the 31st and you could find more support than ever before. Have enough faith to speak your whole truth so that you can get what you need.