New Perspective for May

        Think of this month as a test of faith as it starts with challenging changes on the 1st. Conversations over the next few days may leave you with more new questions. Asking for answers on the 5th may simply show you there are some things we cannot control.  Let go of the past on the 8th so that you can see what is needing your attention now. Be willing to integrate with those near you in a new way on the 10th and you will discover something helpful.
        Ask for what you want on the 12th and be ready for things to change quickly. The New Moon on the 15th brings big changes that ask for action. Be ready to move in a new direction on the 16th as you realize the truth about how you feel. Give yourself a few days to let the dust settle and meanwhile dream about the possibilities. A change of heart of the 19th will make it easier for you to make change. Stay flexible through the 22nd and you will realize that you are finding your groove.
        Opportunities are cooperative on the 25th especially when you trust your intuition. Notice the help that is being offered and express your gratitude. The Full Moon on the 29th is all about expanding your world to include new experiences. Say “Yes” to what crosses your path on the 30th and you will be glad you did. Healing happens in unusual ways and when you least expect it.