New Perspective for November

The Full Moon on the 1st is the first of two this month and will bring up a lot of feelings from the past. Decisions made during this time will be followed by changes within a week. Conversations on the 6th introduce opportunities for expansion and change. Consider a bigger picture on the 8th and be ready to make more changes than you originally planned for.


                Conversations are significant on the 12th and choices will be necessary. The New Moon on the 16th is a time to have faith in your future as you let go of your past. Action taken on the 18th will be a demonstration of completion. Detach from the situation over the next few days and begin making a new plan. Be ready to make an announcement by the 24th about the changes that are occurring.


                An independent attitude after the 26th will help you move forward with optimism and enthusiasm. Talk about how you have changed on the 28th and realize how good this feels. The Full Moon on the 31st is a Blue Moon, the second Full Moon within one month. This is a time to let your light shine for all the world to see and to realize how healthy it is to do this.