New Perspective for July


                This month starts right out with an emotional intensity that is asking for some type decision on the 2nd. Follow your heart on the 3rd and there will be healing available. Do a lot of listening on the 4th as others may be expressing their feelings. Cooperation over the next few days will inspire you to open up even more and share your thoughts with those near you.

                The Full Moon on the 8th is all about decisions and learning to let go of old habits. Memories of the past may surface from the 10th to the 12th as you are learning to speak up for yourself.  Talk to your relationships on the 14th and realize how helpful it is for your partner to know what you need. Changes on the 17th could leave you wondering what to do next. Step back and give yourself time to integrate what you are learning and you will be able to see your next steps. Agreements are made by the 19th and action starts by the next day. The New Moon on the 23rd asks for you to step up and do what you have been only talking about up until now.

                Trust your ability to make the necessary changes on the 25th and making a “to do” list would help you to stay focused. A strong desire to express yourself on the 26th could initiate changes that last through the end of the month. Check in with your heart on the 31st and take time to understand how you feel. A lot has happened this month and a little quiet time will feel good.